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SBS Accounting (Accounts Management For Manufacturing and Trading Houses)

Technocrats offers Accounts Management solution that enables mid-market manufacturing and trading enterprises to automate Marketing, Purchase, Inventory, Sale and Accounting transactions and shall facilitate a M.I.S for advanced reporting.

The modules provided in the solution are as following:-

  # Set Up         # Inventory           
  # M.I.S           # Transactions
  # Financial Accounting

Set Up:-

 Data Entry Interfaces

  • Ledger Accounts and Groups (Agent Linking Also in Ledger Accounts)
  • Item Groups and Item Master (Item Setup Includes Label Printing)
  • Sale Type Setup
  • Purchase Type Setup
  • Agent Setup
  • City Setup
  • Item Wise Rate List

  Data Entry Interfaces

  • Sale Order Acceptance
  • Purchase Order Issue
  • Dispatch Challan


  • Pending Material Receipt against P.O Issue
  • Pending Material Dispatch against S.O. Receipt
  • Pending Dispatch Challan to be Invoiced
  • Item Wise Stock (With and Without Evaluation)
  • Stock Summary

  Data Entry Interfaces

  • Cash VoucherAccount
  • Bank Voucher
  • Bank Reconciliation Entry
  • Journal Voucher
  • Debit Note
  • Credit Note
  • Purchase (Multiple Purchase Accounts in Single Voucher)
  • Purchase Return (Multiple Purchase Accounts in Single Voucher)
  • Sale Return
  • C-Form Entry
  • H-Form Entry
  • Sale
    • Single Item Based
    • Multiple Items
    • Against Dispatch Challan (Selection of multiple Challans in one Invoice)

  Reports(Financial Accounting)

  These reports shall be automated

  • Journal Book
  • Vat Reports
    • From No : 18,19
    • From No : 23,24
    • VAT Payable Summary
  • Bank Book
  • Sale Book
  • Purchase Book
  • Account Statement
  • Ledger
  • Pending SRV Report (Party wise)
  • Customer Wise/Age Wise Payment Summary
  • Customer Wise/Bill Wise Pending Payment  (with ref to Bill Detail)
  • Supplier Wise/Bill Wise Pending Payment
  • C-Form Pending Report
  • H-Form Pending Report
  • Cash Book
  • Agent Wise Pending C-Forms
  • Trading Account
    • Report and Analysis

   These reports shall be automated

  • Item Wise Sale
  • Item Wise PurchaseAccount
  • Party Wise Purchase
  • Party Wise Sale
  • Agent Wise Sale
  • Agent Wise Pending Payments
  • Party/Item Wise Purchase
  • Party/Item Wise Sale
  • Due Report
  • Month wise Sale/Payment Comparison Report (Customer Wise)
  • Month wise Sale Report (Customer Wise)
  • Month wise Sale Report (Product Wise)
  • Dispatch Reports
    • Party wise Dispatch
    • Dispatch list on a Selected Sale Order
SBS Accounting
List Of some of the Benefits :-


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