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SBS Payroll

SBS Payroll provides a complete solution for automating your attendance, salaries and Staff Accounting functions.

The suggested software solution will facilitate the following :-

# Set Up     # Transactions SBS Payroll
# Reports    # User Rights

Set Up :-

 This module shall provide these data entry interfaces

  • Company Settings
  • Ledger Accounts
  • Employee Card Setup
  • Standard Narration Setup
Transactions :-
SBS Payroll

 This module shall provide these data entry interfaces

  • Attendance Entry (Picks Auto Date and Time From System)
  • Employee Payment Voucher (For Advance and Payment Entries)
  • Employee Journal Voucher (For Transfer Entries)
Reports :-

 This module shall provide these data entry interfaces

  • Daily Attendance ReportSBS Payroll
  • Daily Late Arrival Report
  • Daily Absenteeism Report
  • Employee Attendance Summary (For a given Date Range)
  • Attended Hours Summary For All Employees (For a given Date Range)
  • Monthly Attendance Register
  • Monthly Salary Register
  • Salary Slips
  • Balance Report on a Given Date
SBS Payroll
List Of some of the Benefits :-
  • Network Enabled s/w with multiple user option available.
  • Attendance Recording function is based on a barcode labeled card and a barcode scanner attached to the PC.
  • Employee Card Generation Options Within the S/w:-
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines cards are provided by the solution providers.
  • System auto calculates the IN and OUT entries from all the entries received.
  • It is convenient for the employees, to utilize any of the systems installed in the premises, which is more free. As the s/w records IN and OUT from any of the systems which are there, it has an automatic reducing effect on the length of the queue: -
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines, separate machines are to be designated for IN and OUT recordings.
  • To cater the needs of the factories where an employee needs to sit beyond the normal limits of 12 midnight, the s/w takes two days data together for proper computation of attendance.
  • Option to store basic arrival and departure time of the employees and also user can assign a tolerance margin to any employee if required.
  • No req to transfer the data from the machine to the PC as data recording is directly done in PC.
  • Possibilities of Proxy entries are minimized as the s/w can display the photograph of the employee for which the attendance is being recorded on the screen.
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines, no verification for proxy entries is possible.
  • Repeated entries of same employee within a couple of minutes can also be ignored if req. (Only the first entry will be accepted and other entry will be accepted only after mentioned minutes.)
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines, ignorant employee tries to scan ID card multiple times in a single instance and inresult generates scrap data).
  • Apart from Pc additional equipment req is Barcode Scanner (cost as low as 4000/- per unit).
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines, cost of both PC and machine are to be spent. (Machine costs from 25000-30000 per unit.
  • Card cost will be negligible: -
    Whereas in the case of attendance machines cost is on the higher side. (15-25 Rs/-) per card.

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